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An innovative and life-changing online training program, focussed on bringing clarity and purpose to individuals who struggle to find fulfilment in what they do. It’s a program that will change the way we view our skills, our dreams and even our passion.


Kelvin Osondu

Kelvin Osondu is a Writer, Trainer and Entrepreneur. He has a profound love for seeing people succeed in every areas of their lives, and so he has made it is life’s mission to equip others with the tool to living a fulfilled life.

Kelvin is currently writing his debut self-help book titled, The Intentional Student. A timely book inspired to transform students in higher education and challenge to live their best lives whilst at university. He is also working on an upcoming book for people who struggle with being confident in their own body and mind.

Besides writing books, Kelvin can be seen working with a handful of businesses, helping them develop creative marketing strategies to grow their businesses online. He also design websites for clients whenever he isn’t working on a book or on a business’ growth. In all, Kelvin loves to see growth and would do anything in his power to ensure people and businesses around him are growing.

What I do


Some people love speaking in public, I love writing to the public. I have written over 6 books, and now looking to release my first self-help book. 


Equipping people with the right tools to succeed is what I love doing. I offer tailored workshops to young adults looking to live fulfilled lives.


Sometimes you need more than workshops to effect change. So I offer coaching services for interested people looking to achieve their dreams through daily habits etc. 


Kelvin hosts amazing workshops that really help me with my personal development and growth. I’ve been to a few now & always leave feeling empowered with new knowledge and support. A man of wisdom who is always ready to share what he knows!


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Who do you spend your time with?

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