Have you ever stopped to wonder why some people overcome certain challenges that others take with them to the grave?

What about that friend of yours that seems to always handle crises in a different and peaceful way?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, a question is anything we write or say that requires some sort of response.

Our minds are similar to online search engines. The questions we ask ourselves determine the responses we’d receive. When you’re looking for a good answer, you should ask the right questions.

To understand more about the power of questions, I have outlined the main three forms of questions you need to live a happy life.

1) Mindful Questions

These are questions you ask yourself whenever you experience an activity or a problem.

When faced with challenges, this type of question helps you find the appropriate solutions.

In addition to this, these questions directs your energy in carrying out the solution.

For instance, you can ask yourself “Why doesn’t anyone like me?”

If you do this, your mind goes to look for answers to the question.

And then you begin to think, “It’s because I’m ugly”, “It’s because my parents are poor”, “it’s because I am a foreigner” etc.

The moment you begin to change your question to “How can I get people to like me?”, you’d feel a change in your thinking and answers would become “I need to care more” etc.

2) Knowledge Questions

These are questions you ask others to learn about specific information. This type of questions can help you grow faster than others in your place of work, church etc.

The danger to this type of questions is person you ask the question.

If you ask a good question to someone who cannot give you a response, you’d end up taking on the lies and deception of that person.

Therefore, it’s wise to ask questions from people who have proven to know what you want to know.

3) Gifting Questions

These are questions you ask others to help improve their thinking and lifestyle.

This type of questions might not produce a verbal response from the person who receives it.

Gifting questions empower the people around you to change the way they think, subsequently improving the quality of their lives.

A good example would be a friend who got into a fight with her best friend. If asked at the right time, gifting questions could help them uncover the ways to rebuild the relationship that has been weakened.

In conclusion, the three types of questions can help improve the way you reflect, generate knowledge and understanding beyond your peers, and the way we empower others.