My Story

I was born and raised in Nigeria ?? in a family of four children with my lovely parents. In my teens, I moved to the UK to further my education and enrolled into my program at quite a young age. I moved on to completing my BSc and MSc in Computer Science. I had taken a placement year during my studies and worked as a Web Developer in a college in West Midlands, UK.

10 years down the road since building my first website and writing my first book, I have grown to understand my true purpose. Besides winning souls for Christ (I’m a Christian), I truly love seeing people live a fulfilled and purposeful life. I truly believe the way you lay your bed is the way you’d lie on it. A life filled with purpose and passion is a happy life.

As a trainer, I offer workshops, seminars and programs to equip people in living a purposeful life. As a writer, I write books that challenge and provoke growth in people and businesses. As an entrepreneur and marketer, I help businesses in growing their business online using creative digital marketing strategies and tools.

Some of my role models include John C. Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Dr Caroline Leaf, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Tyler Perry, and a host of others.


I am blessed to have worked with a range of businesses and people over the last decade, which has shaped me into becoming the man I am today. I am yet to release my first “self-help” book, which will be a great accomplishment for me. 

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