There are milestones in our life’s journey that cannot be accomplished without the willingness, strength and drive to make them happen.

As children, our source of motivation came from our family.

As we grew older, we began to face situations that would demand we find the drive from within to act upon an idea.

I can recall every time my mother would wake me up to get ready for school. I didn’t have to rely on my alarm clock or my discipline to get ready for school each day.

However, when I arrived at my university, I realised no one was going to wake me up for lectures. I had to motivate myself to make things happen. I had to become the source of the drive or will that makes things happen.

Sadly, some people still depend on others to achieve their own personal goals.

If no one compliments their work, they won’t do it anymore. Others are motivated by the behaviours and stories of people who seem to be achieving their goals.

The key is to find the strength and power to take action towards your goals.

As the famous saying goes, you can take a horse to the water, you can’t force him to drink. He or she needs to be willing to drink for the exercise to work.

Benefits of Self-Motivation

You might have read it in a job description that the company is looking for someone that is self motivated, or you might have received advice from a successful entrepreneur that self motivation is key, but you still don’t know why it’s important in life.

Here are three benefits of self-motivation:

1. Fulfil your purpose

Are you looking to live a purpose driven life? Motivation is a tool that you need to have within you to ensure utilise your full potential on earth.

The truth is you won’t have the energy or strength to live your purpose every single day. And sometimes there won’t be anyone to motivate you to work those late hours on early mornings.

In that season, you need to motivate yourself to get the work done and ultimately fulfil your purpose. This is why self-motivation is key to entrepreneurship, especially at the beginning stages.

I wouldn’t even have the strength to write this blog post without the power of motivation from within, because of the many activities going on in my life at this present moment.

We all need to be self-motivated to live a life filled with purpose and passion.

2. Overcome Negativity

You won’t be praised every time you do something tangible. In fact, you are more likely to be criticised when you’re working towards your vision.

And no, not every criticism may come from a bad place, but they can still make your doubt your purpose or calling. The negativity can come from friends and family members who think you shouldn’t venture into the music industry, or peers who feel you’re not going to be successful at a given project.

Self motivation allows you to keep on doing what you love even though no one is applauding you.

Sometimes you might get a comment or feedback about you or your work just a few house before delivering whatever service you offer to the world, someone who isn’t self-motivated would give up and retreat because of the negative words from other people

3. Draw closer to God

As a believer in Christ, I believe this is an important benefit of self-motivation. It would be difficult to draw closer to God without the motivation that comes from one’s self.

There would be days you won’t want to pray, sing or even read the Bible. In such times, you need to still be motivated to do what’s needed.

Christianity is about building a close relationship with our creator, Yahweh. It’s the first and most important relationship we need to have, but not the only. If you cannot motivate yourself to spend time with God, it would be difficult to motivate yourself to spend time with your spouse or friends or family when you’re feeling demotivated.

You don’t always have to be in the best of moods to spend quality time with God. You don’t need to always have others pray for you, or encourage you to keep going. There would be days where no one is there to applaud or encourage you. You would need to find the drive to still do what’s needed to get closer to God of the universe.

Now that you know the benefits of being self-motivated, let’s take a look at how we can obtain such a priceless tool or simply put, how to stay motivated even in difficult times.

There are three keys to staying motivated:

1. Know Your Identity

To stay motivated, you need to have a firm grip on who you truly are; your identity alone is major factor that can keep you motivated in difficult times.

In the famous movie, Lion King, we see Mufasa tell his son, “Remember who you are”. And yes, that was in the context of a king, but we can all apply it to our lives.

2. Know Your Purpose

Your purpose is another key that can help you unlock the power of motivation. The reason some people are not motivated is because they don’t have a revelation of their purpose.

Have you ever wondered, why were you born to your family? Or perhaps born in a specific country? Your purpose is greater than any given task. When you become obsessed with fulfilling your God-given purpose on earth, it would be difficult to stay demotivated.

3. Know Your Gifts

Do you know your strengths? In my recent book, 7 Parables of the Human Identity, I shared some insight into one’s strength, which comprises your talents, skills and knowledge.

When you have a clear understanding of your gifts, it’s difficult to stay idle in bed all day. You feel the urge to use them to help others achieve their goals, even if you haven’t discovered yours yet.

This is where hobbies come in. Even when I feel low, I try to write a short inspirational message or teaching in my note app, or even a chapter of an upcoming book. Don’t overlook the potential in you to make an impact in the world.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes we need motivation from an external source, but that shouldn’t replace our ability to motivate ourselves, especially in difficult circumstances.

Do you struggle to stay motivated? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to help.

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